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JPM – Jordan

In Dec. 2012 NASIF Medical signed exclusive agency agreement with The Jordan Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company (JPM).



RAMEDA – Egypt

In Jan. 2016 NASIF Medical signed distribution agreement with The Tenth of Ramadan Pharmaceuticals Industries and Diagnostic Reagents Rameda.  

We research, develop and commercialize new healthcare technologies that help save lives around the world

 Covalon uses Science and Technology to help solve major medical challenges associated with prevention, detection and management of areas such as Infection, Tissue Repair, Medical Device Biocompatibility, and Condition Management



شركة دار الغذاء هي شركة أردنية تقوم بإنتاج وتسويق حليب الرضّع والأطفال، أغذية الأطفال، شاي الأطفال، فيتامينات وأوميغا -٣ للأطفال، رقائق الشوفان سريعة الطبخ إضافة إلى الحليب خالي الدسم.

تتميز شركة دار الغذاء بهويتها التجارية البارزة وجودة منتجاتها وخدماتها، فضلاً عن التجدّد والابتكار مما ساهم في جعلها شركة رائدة في السوق المحلي وفي طليعة المنتجين والمطوّرين لتركيبات أغذية الأطفال.

تقدم شركة دار الغذاء منتجاتها تحت علامات تجارية مختلفة: " صحّة "، "بريما "، "بيبي ليه" و "فورميلاك".


Manufacturing & selling Medical Disposable Materials such as  Medical Disposable Support, Sporting, Orthopedic, Rehabilitation and Healthcare Products

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TIO MEDICAL PRODUCTS LTD Manufacturer of Disposable Drapes and Gowns

TIO MEDICAL LTD. production of High-Quality under the brand name TIOSET however single-use Drapes and Gowns group brand of TIOPLAST with the other trade marks of Disposable Plastic items and Medicated Plaster in groups, with the brand of TIOBAND


  • Nutridar is a Jordanian company specialized in the production and marketing of a full range of infant and baby milk formulae, infant cereals, infant soothing teas, kids’ multivitamin and omega-3 gummies, quick cooking oat flakes and skimmed milk powder.
  • Nutridar's brand identity, quality products and services, as well as its culture of innovation have all helped to better position us at the forefront of the infant food market. Nutridar's products exist under various brands: "Sahha", "Prima", "BebeLait" and "Formelac".

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  • (Covalon Technologies ) Ltd researches, develops and brings to market new Healthcare Technologies that help save lives around the world , established multi-national company that has expertise in development  advanced wound care dressing and other technologies.



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  • I- Ming Sanitary materials Co., Ltd (Taiwan) manufacturing & selling Medical Disposable
  • materials such as Disposable Support , Sporting Orthopedic, Rehabilitation and Healthcare products.

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  • TIO MEDICAL_TURKEY PRODUCTS LTD manufacturer of disposable drapes and gowns.




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